Musings of the Wanderlust

The soul is set free, when the mountains sings

The bruised heart gets a balm, when the stream gurgles over the rocks and plains

The tired feet break into a dance, when the skies open up over the green meadows

Mysteries long forgotten locked inside an old dilapidated house

Stories of love, untold tales of betrayal

Stories of war, untold tales of valor

Some skeletons hidden, some ghost lurking

All buried behind an old Fort’s door

Unknown faces smile in welcome

The lines on the face narrate the age old traditions

Different cultures, different words

A world of cuisines to choose from

Colorful dresses, strange foot wares

Jewelry made- of metal and bones

Unknown terrains, glaciers and caves

The Ocean protects a magical land beneath

A tiger roars, a deer barks

Eyes strain to spot the same

From safaris and deep sea diving

To the tall forest of Pines and Oaks

Ah, so much to explore in one life

Dear God, give me just one more life !